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Jan 30,  · How To Re-Download Your Purchased Kindle Books To Another Device. by Ross Then on the right side of that section select the device you want it sent to where in this case it’s an iPad with the Kindle software. 7. After you’ve selected the device you want the eBook sent to, click on the GO button it just takes a couple seconds to send Author: Ross Mckillop. iOS 8 for the iPad is the biggest iOS release ever, and this all-new Missing Manual includes everything you need to know about iPad’s exciting features and new user interface. Missing Manual series creator David Pogue takes you on a guided iPad tour, complete with step-by-step instructions, crystal-clear explanations, and lots of tips, tricks, and surprises along the way/5(). Dec 05,  · Question: Q: Missing all books in my Kindle app on my iPad All of a sudden I am missing all my book purchases in my Kindle app on my iPad. I've tried removing the app and readding it, but still everything is missing.

How To Re-Download Your Purchased Kindle Books To Another Device

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As recently as this last weekend I was told--by a 'Kindle Specialist'--to reset my Fire to factory defaults, because that "might work". Thank you for finding this fix, and thank you thank you thank you Mona and Q. Bob, for some reason I thought I'd responded earlier, but I don't see it here. You've seen the problem since the Kindle Fire was released? Yes, Kudos to Mona and Q! Have had my Kindle for two years and just had this happen for new ipad kindle books missing first time.

Thought all was lost and a new Kindle was in the works. Your fix worked! Anonymous, glad it still helps some and very appreciative that you took the time to let us know that it worked for you, new ipad kindle books missing. I am having this problem with my audible account rather than my kindle books.

I don't want to have to download everything yet again This isn't the first time it has happened, new ipad kindle books missing. Plus, when I have followed some of Amazon's "solutions", the original downloads stay on my sd card, but cannot be accessed even to free up space on the sd card. I have had the disappearing problem with my kindle books, my audible books, and my prime music downloads.

Oddly, this only happens on my fire - My non-Amazon tablet doesn't seem to have this problem. However, it has a much smaller memory capacity.

Very late reply here, since I've not been active on the blog. Clearing data doesn't remove books from the tablet or an sd card. It removes cached data. I don't have an Audible account so I don't know the answer on that, but I doubt that an Amazon-owned company's "clear data" option would remove or delete a book.

Amazon books are kept in their "Cloud" for your account whether or not you keep a copy on your device. Other tablets don't necessarily do book-reading tracking and management, so can be quite different. Andrys, Thanks for the very illuminating description of this problem and the solution. I wonder if you've encountered or heard of another type of problem that I seem to have with the Fire. When I purchase a book, it appears in the cloud and on the carousel as expected. I always download the book so I can read it with the Wi-Fi off.

At seemingly random times, when I tap on the book's carousel icon to open it, the cover of the book enlarges and a message new ipad kindle books missing the bottom informs me that the download is incomplete and and I need to turn on the Wi-Fi.

I am unable to open the book until I do this. The next time I close the book and re-open it, the same thing may happen, OR it may open perfectly normally. This behavior occurs often enough to be really annoying because, of course, it always happens with the Wi-Fi off.

Does any of this jiggle a recollection? TIA, Frank. Frank VC, I haven't seen it happen nor heard of it before, but I'd recommend removing the book from the device and then re-downloading it from the Cloud, and you'll probably have better luck this time. Long-press the book on the Carousel and choose to remove it from the device, new ipad kindle books missing. Then get a new copy! New ipad kindle books missing me know if this works, if you can. I did try this, but new ipad kindle books missing wasn't a fix.

The first time I tried the book after re-downloading it worked fine, but new ipad kindle books missing a subsequent access the same old problem showed up. OTOH, it has not required a re-download for several days now, so dare I hope that Amazon changed something and fixed it? I've seen nothing from anybody else about this kind of problem, so perhaps it's a strangeness associated with my Fire Frank, your never quite completed download has definitely been a strangeness, as you say!

Sounds like it was corrupted in the download but it must have been something to do with that book Glad it's not happened for days. Fingers crossed.

Andrys, Thanks very much for your help and advice. It's really wonderful how the Kindle community pulls together to help new ipad kindle books missing with troubles! It's more than one book -- it's happened with several books, all purchased from Amazon and downloaded from "the cloud", new ipad kindle books missing.

It's never happened with other books I've loaded on the Fire from various sources. It almost seems like the downloading-from-the-cloud process gets fouled up in some way. When it happens, the last-place-read sync is also reset back to the beginning, or sometimes to two reading sessions behind. Thanks again, and happy reading! Frank, If I were going through what you have, new ipad kindle books missing, I'd definitely accept an offer of a replacement by Customer Svc.

Let me know what they say. I've had the same problem several times. Just started happening. Any fixes? Anonymous, the same problem as Frank has had? It's new ipad kindle books missing unusual and I would call customer support at or go to amzn, new ipad kindle books missing. If they can't solve it, they'll replace it. Before doing that, have you tried the solution to disappearing books that is described in this blog post?

If that doesn't work for your more unusual problem, Kindle Customer support will need to work with you. Good luck. Let us know how it goes. Thank you ALL for providing this solution. I recently noticed that my Cloud list was incomplete and had not yet researched solutions. So thank you for saving me time and possibly from a reset. There are apparently several "blank", or missing book issues on the KF. Stopping the reader app,clearing the cache, and hard restarts have all been suggested as solutions and all have been reported on the forums as working in some cases.

Release 6. I have had a problem that appeared only after 6. Prc files of books bought from Barn which appeared under documents, but were readable would open to a blank page for a few seconds, and then the reader would crash, and you'd be thrown back to the carousel. Going back to Barn revealed that all the, new ipad kindle books missing. Prc's I had bought had been converted to. Mobile -- redownloading them they then appeared under books, and were now readable.

The KF reader app is clearly a little sensitive to book formatting idiosyncracies. Edward, From my own experiences converting files with Mobipocket, prc files and mobi files are interchangeable. Amazon uses the Mobipocket tool of course, since they own it though they've not done much with it. Probably the best way to make sure they're most compatible is to send them to the Kindle via email rather than just sideload them.

I'll be interested in your further experiments with personal docs. Thank you!! I had a book, it disappeared before I was ready to read it, but I got it back just now using this info. Very grateful. Sophie, That's great! Glad it helped. Thanks to all for the feedback. I have this problem on my new Kindle Touch. I would love to know how to solve it.

I have to go the Amazon site on a computer and send books to the device to get them! At the ManageYourKindle page new ipad kindle books missing you send the books to your Kindle Touch, is it set up to send to another, older Kindle by default?

Can't imagine what it might be otherwise, since your WiFi is working. If you've done all that, I'd call Kindle Support. I did that today and they called me back as soon as I hit Return, I swear. This is good because they'd tend to route these to appropriate areas. Hope this helps. Hi - I have a kindle fire hd - I have had missing books from my cloud and the books do not appear on my archive. Customer svc's say this could not happen. If I try your suggestion, I take it that deleting the data will not affect other stuff I have on my kindle?


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May 21,  · How can I re-install books on my Kindle that I have purchased already? There are several books that I have lost that I want to have back in my Kindle. Thank you. I have lost my Kindle. I just bought a new book, which I had not started reading. First, can I get it refunded. Second, is there a list of the books I have purchased in the last Feb 02,  · It won't affect apps. Any Kindle books that disappear will re-appear. However, any Kindle books you have bought from Amazon itself should not be missing from the Cloud at this fitcenterru.cf is a puzzlement. When you speak to customer service, give them your order # for the Kindle book and have them look up the book on the servers, or 'Cloud'. May 31,  · After purchasing a new iPad Pro 11” I saw that notes/highlights were not syncing over from the Kindle app on my previous iPad Pro ” for the current book I was reading. On the new iPad I tried (1) removing & reinstalling Kindle App, (2) removing the book from my device and then re-downloading, (3) turning off Whisper Sync and turning it.