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Want to know how to manage the daily administration and maintenance of an IFS Applications instance? Here is also where you'll find information on how to set-up and configure the application to suit your particular needs. Learn about how to configure the user interface, integrations, reports and much more. For those novice users, IFS Applications allows you to customize the user interface by user, giving a more simplistic look and feel but also allowing you to add more and more features and screen elements as the novices skills progress. IFS provides support from the time you select their software, through implementation and beyond. Scope and purpose of the manual This User Manual explains how to install and operate IFS fusion splicer. The primary aim of this manual is to make the user as familiar with the splicer as possible. Basic maintenance procedures are also described in Chapter 6 “Maintenance” to enable the user to keep the IFS in excellent working condition.

IFS UK&I User Group – Connecting IFS Users

IFS Applications is unique in that it allows you to selected from over business components which in turn are made up from more than 6, smaller software components. Each component has a well-defined purpose and interface that describes what the component does. This allows change and evolution within a component without affecting other components, ifs applications user manual.

You benefit by being able to choose only the business components you need and add others as needed without affecting other components. IFS Applications is based on open architecture so you can choose a BI solution that acn be integrated into a fully-fledged ERP suite with minimum difficulty and minimum integration issues.

You can surf your enterprise system as easily as searching the web. For those novice users, IFS Applications allows you to customize the user interface by user, giving a more simplistic look and feel but also allowing you to add more and more features and screen elements as the novices skills progress.

IFS provides support from the time you select their software, through implementation and beyond. You have access to online tech support but also have the ability to call highly professional product experts.

Integration with accounting rules and purchasing functionality minimizes errors and simplifies routines. Support for self-billing minimizes invoice handling. A variety of currency and payment options contribute to the flexibility of the component, while the follow-up and analysis capabilities ensure full control. It automatically handles coding of regular transactions and is integrated with customer order and accounting rules functionality to minimize errors and simplify routines.

The component offers multi-currency capabilities and enables a variety of payment options. Follow-up and analysis capabilities ensure optimal control. The tool supports large revamp projects without disrupting the maintenance processes. Asset information is updated immediately, and project and maintenance staff can easily access data and documents via a convenient navigator.

Project information from suppliers and consultants can also be imported directly. The recipe functionality opens up new opportunities for companies for whom weight-percentage and density are important parts of the business. Recipes include functionality for yield, revision control and alternates, making it a powerful tool. Batch balancing is a perfect planning tool for organizing and optimizing the production of restricting batches. It can be used to set your corporate strategy with enterprise-wide drivers and assumptions for the budgeting process, and to set targets for the scorecard and budget templates, ifs applications user manual.

Support ifs applications user manual continuous planning and rolling forecasting allows the user to monitor and update the process at all stages. The component enables support agents with a broad view of ifs applications user manual client, swift registration of cases, flexible routing with queues or direct dispatch, and rapid search for existing solutions in the built-in knowledge base. Cases are thoroughly tracked, easily hooked up to business object such as equipment, a product or an invoice, and detailed journals can be kept for each step to ensure traceability and compliance.

Calls in the queue can be escalated to other individuals for resolution if required. A case can easily be handed over to other ifs applications user manual process objects, allowing agent to automatically create and ifs applications user manual service requests or place a customer order.

Single or repetitive manual cash flows, including currency contracts, can also be added, ifs applications user manual. For individual companies, ifs applications user manual, cash flow can be analyzed for optional periods, divided according to currency, project, region or customer.

The component helps you reduce costs through leaner, more efficient operations and provide superior customer service by reliably meeting due dates and improving turnaround times. This helps customers increase utilization of their complex equipment. The solution covers customer agreements, work scope planning, shop visit execution, and shipping and invoicing. Both actual and budget values can be handled, periodically for legal purposes or whenever required for internal purposes.

When required, currencies are translated according to user-defined rates. It centers on an interactive Gantt chart with sophisticated drag-and-drop planning. Scheduling can be done both manually and with the help of advanced algorithms, with or without finite capacity.

Multi-site multi-level capability check, i. The powerful graphical tools provide advanced analysis such as break-even and optimal price based on elasticity. For product costing, users can work with an unlimited number of historical, current and future cost sets, with user-defined buckets for materials, labor, machines and overhead. Order-based estimates, standard and actual, are created for each manufacturing order, and variances are analyzed.

There is also strong functionality for Kaizen costing and value engineering. Full multi-site interoperability and global sourcing are available without add-on components. Deliveries can be handled order based or consolidated in shipments. Configure-to-order CTOmulti-site, multi-level capability check, i.

The component provides advanced pricing options for your business, e. Prices are calculated automatically, with support for multiple currencies and price lists. Once accepted, a quotation can be directly transformed into an order, saving time and eliminating errors. The fast and accurate information flow minimizes delays in the supply chain and, consequently, the need for unnecessarily large inventory reserves, ifs applications user manual.

Built-in reconciliation automatically aligns schedule differences, adjusting the schedule to reflect actual customer needs. Features include cumulative and bucketed schedule tolerance, cumulative call-off, and schedule receipt and reconciliation.

Invoice scanning is enabled, and advanced rules for authorization significantly speed up the invoice authoring process. Events messages and history logs further improve the process and make follow up easier. This is transformed into a recruitment plan, employee development needs, and a listing of outdated or overrepresented competencies.

This information then forms ifs applications user manual basis for the strategic HR processes. Comprehensive support for continuous work with self-assessment, employee development, career planning, and succession analysis completes the human capital management component.

The ordered product structures can be a combination of standard products and project-specific structures.

Procurement is initiated by the project plan, and every change can be registered, ifs applications user manual, ensuring optimal flexibility, control and cost-effectiveness in the delivery project. The component lets you receive, check, and approve change requests before converting them into change orders. You can also analyze change impact, which minimizes the ifs applications user manual of making unnecessary or incorrect changes, and can access a complete revision history.

The equipment register uses company-specific terms and concepts, which is especially beneficial when many infrequent users utilize the system. Meters are important since they enable service to be scheduled and invoiced according to how much the service object is used, ifs applications user manual. Current equipment status, ifs applications user manual, stop reasons, and produced and rejected quantities can be tracked. The system contains current regulations, ifs applications user manual calculations are done automatically.

Travel expense functionality manages ifs applications user manual diem expenses, tickets, mileage and allowance as well as other types of costs involved in traveling. Registration and approval are done directly on-screen. Employees who travel frequently can report via the Internet, allowing them to access the system wherever they are located. For example, when purchases are made, the acquisition values of fixed assets are updated automatically, if required.

Moreover, the system supports a comprehensive range of depreciation methods that can be used simultaneously, a perfect tool if your operations are global and ideal for simulation. The component facilitates project accounting, integrated with IFS Project Management", ifs applications user manual, currency handling and voucher updates. Internal ledgers in parallel with the official general ledger, together with periodic cost allocation functionality that enables complicated accounting processes to be done in minutes, offer powerful simulation capabilities.

The budget functionality allows for an optional number of parallel budget versions that can be compiled into one to ensure efficient support for decentralized budgeting. Powerful budget simulation options are also available throughout the entire code string. The system can also handle an optional third currency. Extensive statistics functions are built into the system for detailed analysis. Multi-site environments are fully supported, and designated clients facilitate movement of goods between sites.

Through secure Web interfaces, the supplier can monitor and update stock balances and consumption for vendor-managed inventory VMI. Also, all inventory valuation methods are supported in standard as well as advanced multi-level actual costing functionality, including detailed cost specifications and cost updates. Statistical tools for detailed follow-up and analysis, combined with advanced credit management tools, provide the framework necessary for the efficient operation of any financial department.

All invoice types for payables and receivables are easily handled, and both manual and automatic invoices can be created. Advance invoices, collective invoices and credit invoices are included. Based on the Seiban ifs applications user manual, it ifs applications user manual full-level pegging to any user-definable structure level together with a partial MRP calculation. The pegging is utilized for actual costing, progress monitoring and up- or downstream propagation of changes in supply and demand, in dates or in quantities.

For configured products, a hierarchical structure allows you to define configured products that consist of other configured products on many levels. The structure and routings for each specific case are then calculated based on defined configuration rules and given characteristics for the actual order. The structures can be reused and graphically compared to standard or other unique order structures.

Order promising functionality helps determine when the finished product will be ready, based on prevailing conditions. This allows you ifs applications user manual efficiently plan both demand and supply of material and track project costs in details, ifs applications user manual. Project inventory enables efficient material handling within projects.

When the material is received to inventory, it belongs to specific project activities and the material planning can be performed within project activities, within the entire project or by using planned netting groups by defining specific activities, subprojects etc. Most inventory functionality can ifs applications user manual performed in the project context, and material can be transferred between project activities, and between project inventory and standard inventory.

Material and capacity data can be displayed graphically at various levels of ifs applications user manual. Master schedules can be produced in tabular or graphical formats, with multi-level scheduling allowing finished products with similar requirements to be arranged in product families. It provides easy-to-use interfaces for operators and process engineers in their daily activities. Operators can communicate between work shifts and process engineers to quickly analyze the impact of short stops, ifs applications user manual, performance drops and how critical they are depending on where they occur, ifs applications user manual.

With OEE, you can follow up production goals on a theoretical maximum level and goals set on practical levels depending on the orders backlog, ifs applications user manual, equipment status, and the quality of raw materials. From small companies to very large organizations with subsidiaries and thousands of employees, the component manages all payroll procedures.

The reporting functionality complies with official accounting requirements, providing reports adapted to the demands of the respective authorities. Its powerful search-and-copy functionality facilitates reuse and contributes to standardization of items. Changes in status are recorded, handling such issues as what, why, when and by whom design changes were made.


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ifs applications user manual


For those novice users, IFS Applications allows you to customize the user interface by user, giving a more simplistic look and feel but also allowing you to add more and more features and screen elements as the novices skills progress. IFS provides support from the time you select their software, through implementation and beyond. The User Group promotes and facilitates the exchange of information and opinions about the software and other common IFS user issues. It organises regular meetings, seminars and workshops on IFS related subjects and acts as one channel through which IFS UK communicates with its users. Because at IFS, we believe the more you know, the easier it will be to make the best decisions for your business. We want you to understand enterprise software, your needs and how companies in your industry are using technology.