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After Rogers launched the 64GB version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 earlier this month, Bell has now followed with the same version of the stylus-touting smartphone in Black Sapphire. Bell has altered the 2-year contract price to a more palatable $, compared to Rogers contract price of $Author: Ian Hardy. Samsung Galaxy Note 5. The most powerful and beautiful Note to date. S Pen is always included. Samsung Galaxy Note5: Get the user guide, instructions and support information for using and updating your Bell device. The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 sports a Super AMOLED display, a streamlined design, built-in wireless charging technology and a powerful processor. What are Bell Mobility’s network types and how are they used? See more.

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Devices, and the screens embedded in them, are getting bigger, negating the advantage the Note series held for so many years. From the gentle curves of the rear glass bell samsung galaxy note 5 the stripped down, etched series aluminum of the frame, Samsung reinforced, after the release of the Galaxy S6 earlier this year, that it has this manufacturing thing down pat.

Still a big phone, and not as easy to use in one hand as the Galaxy S6, the Note 5 is smaller is nearly every way from its predecessor without diminishing the screen real estate. That bell samsung galaxy note 5, a 5. Bright and sharp, with superb viewing angles and colour reproduction, Samsung has all but perfected the mobile display. Holding the Galaxy Note 5 is surprisingly easy as a result, despite the typically slippery nature of glass and metal.

The left-side volume down button rests slightly above the alignment of the right-side power button, avoiding situations where turning on the phone would inadvertently lower the volume. The phone has a couple of tricks up its sleeve to minimize discomfort when used in one hand. I still personally prefer the size of the 5.

In many ways, the Note 5 runs the same software as the Galaxy S6 — or what the Galaxy S6 can look forward to once it is upgraded to Android 5. This is clearly the best TouchWiz variant ever, with smooth, lush performance that is unrivalled on Android.

I decided to delay this review by a week to find out whether the software issues reported by others — mainly in the U. While few visual changes are evident between Note 5 variants across carriers, it appears that the Canadian version is free from the memory and aggressive task-killing issues plaguing the U.

I happen to have a Galaxy S6 running Android 5. Because the Note 5 contains the same internal hardware as the Galaxy S6, performance is unsurprisingly similar.

As predicted, Android 5. Memory management improvements come from Android 5. Samsung has made tremendous improvements to both the S Pen stylus itself in this generation, as well as the underlying technology behind the input recognition. Not only has Air Command received a big upgrade, now sprouting app shortcut tendrils whenever the S Pen is removed with a satisfying click from its slot, but the new functionality inside each feature is a boon for productivity.

Similarly, the S Pen can now be used when the display is off to capture quick notes on the go. Simply removing the stylus from its holder activates the feature which, once completed, saves it to the S Note app for further perusal. As proven with the Note 4, and then with the Galaxy S6, Samsung makes the best Android camera experience, bell samsung galaxy note 5, period. After opening in half a second, the camera focuses and shoots right every time. When left in Auto mode, the 16MP sensor captures an incredible amount of detail, especially in good light.

The wide-angle sensor is a bit of an issue for portraiture, but that seems to be the direction the smartphone industry is going — capture first, crop later. In low light, the device performs admirably as well, bell samsung galaxy note 5, able to use a combination of slower shutter speed and what appears to be bell samsung galaxy note 5 — the combining of surrounding pixels into a single larger one — to capture indelibly great imagery, bell samsung galaxy note 5.

You can share the link with whomever wants to tune in, but without a live chat function and direct mobile app support for viewers, uptake is going to be slow. Video Collage is what it sounds like: six seconds of video, with sound, captured four times, spread into equally sized boxes.

Ultra HD 4K video has returned, and the results are better than ever, but perhaps the best addition is the ability to capture p video at 60fps. Video quality, like its still counterpart, is extremely impressive on the Note 5.

Many of the photos I was able to take on the Note 5 would have been unthinkable just two years ago. From macro shots with true bokeh, afforded by a depth of field unmatched on a mobile device, to well-stitched panorama shots, should the Note 5 be in your price range it should be considered for the camera features alone.

Still, the battery life I obtained was a knock against the product, bell samsung galaxy note 5. In my nearly three weeks of using the phone as my daily driver, I rarely finished the day with more than 10 percent battery remaining, and some days I needed to charge it for a bit to ensure I had enough juice to reach bedtime.

As with the Galaxy S6, the Note 5 supports both wireless charging standards, Qi and PMA, as well as Fast Charging, which takes just 90 minutes to fully replenish the lithium-ion cell. Of course, not having a removable battery will be a concern for some people, but my suggestion is to bell samsung galaxy note 5 a lightweight battery back from Anker.

But the niche nature of its S Pen are becoming increasingly evident with each passing year. And as we move away from the daily ritual of handwriting, from school to jobs, the stylus, like the pen, will increasingly be seen as a specialized tool.

Taking the markup abilities out of the equation leaves us with a well-built big smartphone with plenty of power and a great screen. The Note series used to be practically the only name in that category just two years, but a 5. The LG G4 is nearly as capable and quite a bit cheaper, while the Galaxy S6 itself is still as relevant to Android users as it was six months ago upon its release.

Apple has proven it can steal millions of customers away from Samsung, and will continue doing so this year. The Note 5 is my favourite Samsung device to date, and proof that the company can hunker down and improve in the areas in which it was previously so behind. But the last year has been humbling to the Korean giant. It is losing market share to Apple in the high end and being undercut by a number of upstarts in the low to mid range.

It has no choice but to up its game. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Specs Android 5. S Pen Samsung has made tremendous improvements to both the S Pen stylus itself in bell samsung galaxy note 5 generation, as well as the underlying technology behind the input recognition.

Camera As proven with the Note 4, and then with the Galaxy S6, Samsung makes the best Android camera experience, period.


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bell samsung galaxy note 5


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